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Canadian MDR Training

On-line Executive Overview
Benefits of Canadian MDR compliance
Regulation content
Implementation strategies
21 CFR 820 Implementation
ISO 13485 Executive Overview - Quality Works provides Canadian MDR Training


Canadian MDR On-line Executive Overview


ISO 13485 Executive Overview - Quality Works Offers Canadian MDR TrainingThis two-session, three-hour on-line training course is for executive management, department managers, engineers and other personnel of medical device manufacturers that plan to or started implementation of a Quality Management System compliant with the Canadian Medical Device Regulations.  You will learn the intent of the  regulation, its content, what organizations are subject to compliance and what it will take to implement it.  At the conclusion of the course there will be time for questions and answers to address your specific needs. 

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When we receive your payment, we will e-mail you your copy of the presentation in the MS Power Point format. For your training session, we recommend to provide each participant with a copy of the presentation and a copy of the Canadian MDR.


Prior to your training, your instructor will e-mail you an invitation to the screen sharing session. Following simple instructions, you will be able to see your instructor's computer screen. If you plan to train a group of your employees, we recommend a conference room setting with your computer screen projected on the large screen. For a group training, you are expected to provide phone conference service.


Order your Canadian MDR Executive Overview today and Call us to schedule your training.

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